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Weeell, it seems like you did load this page… So welcome to the 2014 autumn course in Sofia, where you will take the challenge of learning how a network and a connection are built.

What you will learn...


Here, during the course, you will gain knowledge about protocols, routing and much more.

Who is this course for...


This course is meant for everyone who wants to become master in the area of networks and telecommunications. It is open to all students, so we are waiting for you.


Background needed?


No, no technical background is required, so don’t worry if you are not the most experienced person in the world. We can assure you that after that one week your competence will be significantly higher.




The participants from Europe :



Participants from all over Europe:




  • Onat Özkeçeci form LBG Istanbul, Turkey
  • Domenico Pirrotta from LBG Turin, Italy

Core Team:

  • Dimitar Dimitrov- Main Organizer
  • Mobile: +359 877 613 427

  • Alexander Iosifov- Design Responsible
  • Emiliyan Nikolov- Logistics Responsible
  • Hristiyan Andreev- Corporate Relations Coordinator
  • Kristian Borisov- Social Responsible
  • Stefan Georgiev- Public Relations
  • Stefan Vladkov- Participants Responsible

For participation questions: